I am not the water you drink to quench your thirst. I am not a sports drink made for replenishing your spent energy. I’m not here to revitalize you when life has made you tired.


I am not the coffee you’re late to your morning meeting in order to acquire. I’m not your afternoon caffeine boost when the days are long.


I am not the drink you pour at the end of the day because you deserve it. I am not here to help you relax and forget your stress.


I am not here to be needed.


I am…what you choose to sit down with on your favorite day. I am carefully chosen, ‘cause I’m exactly what you want to make your life just that much better.


I am what makes you close your eyes and smile.


I am what you keep next to you when you sink into the coziest of chairs.


I am the treat you’ve waited all week for.


I am not what you need.


I’m what you want.