Well Guarded

The act of loving someone is, in essence, giving them access to the most easily wounded and slowest healing parts of you.

The scariest part is knowing someone can hurt you, but hoping that they choose not to. Ultimately, you’ve no control over their actions.

Guarding your heart from people is nearly impossible and requires…being less…so as not to get hurt. Less open, less vulnerable. Less hurt.

But Jesus didn’t lead with less, He led with love. A love so big and so vulnerable it forced Him to face ultimate rejection.

So I think guarding your heart is more about being clearheaded and knowing that hurt is possible, but being resilient instead of closed off.

A heart that can withstand pain and yet continue to love regardless. That is the heart of Christ. So should our hearts be.

A well guarded heart is not a closed heart, but one that is aware of the dangers of loving others, readies itself, and loves big anyway.