Girl Time with Mommy

Whenever mommy wanted us to have girl time, she would always ask if I wanted to get my toes done. In hindsight, I realize that it was one activity that we could do together, that wouldn’t hurt her back. She always wanted to be able to shop with me, but the pain limited her.

My mother was one of the humblest people ever, but we sure knew how to be vain when we wanted to be! Whenever one of us was singing or playing or doing something at church, there was always the one question, “What are you going to wear?!” Many a Saturday was spent making sure something in the closet worked. I’d come home with a new pair of heels and she’d say, “Ooooh, girl! I would wear those if I could! Mmm, wear those for me, Pookie!”

Jewelry was exchanged, purses were borrowed (usually mine, because hello, purse princess). I get my love for accessories honest. My mother never once told me I had too many shoes or too much jewelry, I’d come home with something new and she just celebrated the fact I got it on sale. In fact, she worried that I would never be able to bring myself to pay for something full price. “You know, one day you’re going to be able to afford something for the price that’s on the tag, and when you can, you should buy it!” I think she wanted me to just enjoy something pretty regardless of how much the price got marked down.

“Right, but mom, if I can find something on sale…then I can buy MORE things with the money I saved!” She would just purse her lips, and shake her head at me, amused at my desire to be so logical.

Similar discussions were had at the nail salon during girl time. The nail tech would ask what color she’d like…”I want the French, you know, with the tips,” mom would respond. I usually opt for a singular color, most often a clear pink. I’m too logical for my own good. “Mommy, it costs less! Inevitably, it’s going to chip so I might as well pay less for it.” Again, pursed lips, with an eye roll…

Today is mommy’s first birthday in heaven. I’m quite certain she is jamming in whatever attire the Lord provides for the saints up in Glory.

Here on earth though, I went and got my toes done for some girl time. I splurged for the French, full price and everything. And yes, mommy, I will rock my heels till my back gives out too, just for you.